Imagine an initial note of ‘brush caressing cymbal’, followed by the infusion of bongos, congas and a synthesizer; coat that sound with steelpans, drums and electric bass; add a saxophone to the stew and serve hot! >>Read the article
Dwain W. Rattray Pride News Magazine, Toronto, April 24 '13
The opening of the 2002 Barbados Jazz Festival at the Sunbury Plantation House last Monday was, in a word, spectacular. The lighted setting of the plantation grounds always adds something rather special to any event hosted there, and the treat which fans enjoyed in the form of the Kalabash and Jesse Cook bands was virtually double ecstasy. >>Read the article
Wade Gibbons The Barbados Advocate, Bridgetown, January '02
If you had to pick one word to describe the sound of their first release, that word might be ‘insouciance’… ‘Kalabash’ lays out eleven original tracks of music that manage to be both complex and carefree: intricate, sophisticated and satisfying. >>Read the article
Sarah B. Hood Word Magazine, Toronto, July '01
When Kalabash began its performance around 7:15pm, it was as if a burst of warmth cascaded into the venue; the intensity and beauty of the music continued throughout the three-hour show. >>Read the article
Natasha Ofosu Trinidad Guardian, Port of Spain, April '01
Your exceptional performance helped to make our commemorative twenty-fifth anniversary event a tremendous success. >>Read the article
Susan L. Taylor Essence Magazine, New York, July '95
‘I’ve never heard anything like this,’ commented one happy listener as potent jazz-calypso fusion washed over the sun-soaked crowd at the picturesque open-air venue … Toronto jazz fans won’t soon forget the name of Kalabash, or their introduction to pan-jazz!  >>Read the article
Sarah B. Hood Pride News Magazine, Toronto, July '94